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Accordion Chord Chart - Poster

Accordion Chord Chart - Poster

For the first time in decades, the accordion is revisited with beautifully designed learning tools like you've never seen before! Our charts have been thoughtfully planned out and serve as the perfect visual aid to supplement any style of learning the accordion.


This unique chord chart is organized in the circle of fifths; the same organization used in the accordion's bass system. Our "Half Shade" keys in this particular configuration make it extremely handy for learning alternative chord changes and chord inversions with the right hand.


Our signature "Top-Down" viewing articulation allows you to play as you would on "Top" of the chart, translating nicely "Down" onto your accordion in front of you. Our vibrant color-coordinated charts add an additional layer of learning and memorization. For less than the price of one single music lesson, you'll have endless hours of fun and practical learning.


Poster Features:

- Circle of Fifths Style Chord Chart

- "Half Shade" Keys for Chord Inversions

- Giant Keys for Easy Viewing

- 120 Bass Chart

- Non-Glare Matte Finish

- Tearproof Paper

- Waterproof Paper

- Dry Erase Friendly

- Available in 36"x24"

    $29.99 Regular Price
    $21.99Sale Price

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