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Accordion Bass Button Stickers

Accordion Bass Button Stickers

Designed to help you identify and memorize your bass buttons on the go, without the need of a physical chart. 


- Made For Stradella Bass Accordions

- Fits Any Accordion Up To 120 Bass

- 2 x Static Clings: Black & White

- Clear Transparent Background

- Reusable Vinyl Material, Zero Residue

- Goes On Top of Accordion by Chin


INSTALL: Clean and wipe the top area of the accordion by your chin, then firmly press it down into place.


PRO TIP: Use a few drops of water to improve adhesion. 


SIZING: For accordions less than 120 bass, use a pair of scissors to cut the excess and round corners to avoid it peeling up. Refer to the sizing chart card included in bag.


*Major, minor, 7th & dim7 rows have been omitted to lessen the footprint of the sticker, since these rows are repetitive and easy to remember their position under the given root note.

    $14.99 Regular Price
    $11.99Sale Price

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