Seeking more from a cold winter's evening in Buffalo, New York, I walked into an antique store and found myself standing in front of my very first accordion. As I began to figure out the bass buttons and slowly worked through the song "Kids" by MGMT, I found myself falling in love with the challenge. 


Splitting my mind to focus on two independent tasks like that was unlike anything else I've experienced before and unlocking it and hearing it come together was beyond rewarding. We were strangers, but it was a complete homecoming.


After an amazing half-life journey of constant abuse, I hung up my skateboard and decided to pursue music in 2018, when I started Squeeze & Thanks as an accordion instrumentalist. Being a filmmaker by trade, I decided to mix work with play by shooting my first accordion music video and that's where it all began.


Living with bipolar disorder, I understand the stigma around mental health. Being an accordionist in America, I understand the stigmas surrounding that too. Not all instruments were hit as hard as the accordion was when it died off and now, decades later, it's still been left for dead in modern American culture. How could the most popular instrument in America during the 50's and 60's fall off so abruptly, but continue to thrive everywhere else around the world?


By creating beautifully produced music videos and covering billboard top hits, we aim to make the accordion relevant and fun for a new generation. By developing new accordion learning tools, we encourage musicians and new comers an easier way to begin learning the accordion.


I am so honored you are here. I hope you enjoy my work and find a love for the accordion like I have.

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